Hi, I'm Hajin.

I'm a software developer, a former professional Go player, and an MBA.

Go is the most complex strategic board game humanity ever invented, and I am proud to be a master Go player. I was a professional Go player in South Korea for over 10 years, and now I enjoy this amazing game as my favorite activity.

I live in Mountain View, California, with my awesome husband. We love to help each other in Go and programming. We are both beginners in tennis, but we have a ton of fun nonetheless, playing it together once a week.

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My Mission


Strive to be wiser each day. Learn from experience, conversations, books, and contemplation.


Listen more than speak, and carefully communicate what I know, think, or feel. Avoid assuming other people can read my mind.


Love is a verb, not a feeling. Love my family, friends, and myself.


Always have a strategy based on long-term perspectives, even though it requires frequent revision.

Personal Projects


My YouTube channel began as an experiment. I made a few videos where I talked in English about my plans and strategy while I played Go online. These few videos went viral in the Go community, and I continued to make various Go videos since then. Today, my channel has over 200 videos, 12k subscribers, and 20M minutes watched.

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My first published book, Outside the Board, is a collection of 70+ blog entries I wrote during my transition from an active professional Go player to an undergrad student to a young professional in business administration. Recently, I began to work on another book on my childhood years as a Go prodigy.

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