Go / Baduk


• Executive Director, the North American Go Federation (present)

• International Affairs Manager, the American Go Association (present)

• Former General Secretary, the International Go Federation

• Former International Operations, the Korean Baduk Associatioin

Former Professional Player

• Debuted at age 16. Reached 4P before retirement

• Bronze Medalist, 2008 World Mind Sports Games in Beijing, a follow-up event of 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

• Represented South Korea for 4 years at international women's team championships

• Winner, the 5th ET Land Cup Women's Division (Phoenix)

• Runner-up, the 14th Women's Kuksu Title (Lost to Rui Naiwei)

• Competed in over 50 domestic and international tournaments and won over $180k USD in total prize money

Content Creator

• Creator of a YouTube channel, Haylee's World of Go / Baduk, which hosts over 200 Go videos

• Published an essay book, Outside the Board: Diary of a Professional Go Player, available in English and German

• Running a fictionalized blog, Baduk Prodigy, about my childhood as a Go prodigy

• Worked as Content Writer at Y Baduk Academy for 2 years


• Official commentator at the Future of Go Summit in Wuzhen, China, where Google DeepMind's AlphaGo played top pros of China

• Hosted a 26-episode TV lecture series called Baduk Coach Ms. Lee

• Live commentator of the American Go Association