Work Experience

Software Development Engineer

Amazon | Sep. 2022 - Present

• Software engineering

Senior Software Engineer

Dun & Bradstreet | Mar. 2020 - Jul. 2022

• Served as Engineering Lead and Scrum Master for Embedded DSP team to deliver first version of the Ads Manager product

• Implemented integration test framework to automate and scale external workflow testing

• Participated in Brink Lab, an experimental, voluntary-basis project to improve data processing using graph algorithms

Software Developer

Xinspire, LLC. | May 2018 - Dec 2019

• Developed back-end and front-end features for the firm’s main product which provides private networking platforms for educational organizations

• Developed automated tests for product features and REST APIs

• Triaged and debugged production error reports

Product Management Internship

ELSA, Corp. | Oct. 2017 - Feb. 2018

• Improved retention and payer conversion by developing a top user-requested feature from concepts to full launch in agile method

• Raised the global store-visit to install through leading A/B tests and data analysis in app store optimization efforts

General Secretary

The International Go Federation (IGF) | Jun. 2014 - Jun. 2016

• Managed international projects of the IGF, including the Google DeepMind Challenge Match, followed by 280M people around the world

• Collaborated with external and internal partners to organize mind sport events, such as the 2014 SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing with a total budget of $5+ million USD

• Supported senior leaders in their special projects such as updating the IGF Anti-Doping Regulations to comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency

International Operations

The Korean Baduk Association (KBA) | Jan. 2012 – Jun. 2014

• Managed a government-funded international program with $1m USD annual budget in its initial years, and contributed to setting up frameworks, processes, and performance review structures

• Organized international events including the Korean Prime Minister's Cup International Amateur Go Championship (60 countries represented)

Professional Go (Baduk) Player

The Korean Baduk Association (KBA) | Nov. 2004 – Aug. 2016

• Won $180,000+ USD competing in 50+ international and domestic tournaments

• Bronze medalist, 2008 World Mind Sports Games in Beijing

• Hosted the 26-episode educational TV series Baduk Coach Ms. Lee

• Published author: Outside the Board (Old Hickory Press LLC, 2016)